PROGRAMS will resume in OCTOBER

AUTUMN 2018 Intensive Workshop

Tuesday, Nov 6 + Wednesday, Nov 7 + Friday, Nov 9
each day we meet from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm

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Enjoy-the-Fall-Foliage Picnic Time

Aki no Kōraku Bentō        秋の行楽弁当

      Saturday, October 27  (10:30 am to 2:30 pm includes lunch) 

A Taste of the (Japanese) New Year

       お節 Osechi   Saturday, December 1  (2-4 pm)

Japan’s New Year holiday food is known as OSECHI. Packed into a multi-tiered lacquer box called a jūbako, many of the traditional foods like kuro mamé (sweet black soy beans) or kobu maki (slow-simmered, bite-sized kelp and salmon rolls) take days to prepare.

Increasingly, young, urban cooks are ordering pre-made osechi assortments from department store food halls. The stores collaborate with well-known restaurants to offer exclusive osechi boxes. From mid-December you will see wax model displays of these osechi in Japan’s food halls. Pick up one of the full-color catalogs: a feast for the eyes! And, take note of the (exorbitant) prices charged for these assortments!

Programs & Events in America:

September 24 at 3 pm  JAPAN EATS Heritage radio
Host Akiko Katayama and I chat about dashi stocks.

DEMAÉ to DELIVERY; The history of take-out food in Japan
Attendance is free-of-charge, registration required.

September 26 at 6 pm Milk Street Cooking School
Miso Magic (the class is sold out; to put your name on the waiting list contact the school)
Learn to Cook Japanese Dishes in your own kitchen 

Private Market Tours

with Yukari SAKAMOTO

Chef, sommelier, shochu advisor and Food Sake Tokyo author, Yukari Sakamoto offers a variety of market tour options including Tsukiji Market, depachika, and supermarkets. Want to know more? Visit her site

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LIMITATIONS on LIABILITY: Every possible precaution is taken to ensure your personal safety and the safety of those in your group. However, registration for, and attendance at, all programs is subject to the following condition: the director and staff of A TASTE OF CULTURE, are released from, and specifically disclaim, all responsibilities for injuries or illness incurred traveling to and from sessions, during sessions, or resulting from food prepared at, or according to recipes distributed during, cooking & tasting sessions, market tours or other field trips, including restaurant meals.

Should A Taste of Culture be prevented from performing its duties by reason of Force Majeure (including but not limited to war or natural disaster, such as earthquake) A Taste of Culture is released from its obligations.

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