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Using Food Fully 

一物全食   ichimotsu zenshoku

尽くし The Japanese will often feature a single ingredient, preparing it in myriad ways. Meals planned this way are referred to tsukushi or zukushi menus.

When mixing, matching and coordinating dishes to create your tsukushi menu remember the WASHOKU guidelines: 5 colors, 5 Flavors, 5 Ways.

  • Bamboo is considered "yellow" so combine it with green, red, black and white foods.
  • Bamboo can favored in various ways: uméboshi sour plum adds tart notes; miso sauce on broiled bamboo is both sweet and salty; peppery kinomé leaf is both spicy and bitter.
  • Bamboo can be prepared by many methods: stewing, broiling, sautéing...
Try creating your own Glorious Bamboo takénoko-zukushi menu.
Below (top right, clockwise) are half a dozen ideas to get your creative culinary juices going.
  • Spring Breeze Aspic (KANSHA pg 95)
  • Mixed Vegetables Braised with Thick Fried Tōfu (KANSHA pg 176)
  • "Princess Skin" Tossed with Uméboshi
  • Sparkling Broth (KANSHA page 77)
  • Bamboo Dengaku-Style (WASHOKU pg 281)
  • Bamboo Shoots and Rice (KANSHA pg 20)
DOWNLOAD a recipe for basic preparation of fresh bamboo shoots.