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Okra オクラ

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Preparing OKRA for use in a variety of recipes

The Japanese technique for preparing okra heightens its color (jade green) and flavor (reminiscent of green beans and/or asparagus) while limiting its sticky texture. There are FOUR KEY POINTS:

1.      Trimming away the ridge at stem end (KEZURI-TORU 削り取る)

2.      Salt-rubbing the pod (SHIO-ZURI 塩ずり)

3.      Flash-blanching (YUGAKU 湯掻く)

4.      Steeping in cold dashi stock or broth (HITASU 浸す)

Using the basic technique above for prepping okra, enjoy any (or all!) of these:

OHITASHI... steeped in a soy-tinged broth finished with either nutty toasted sesame or smoky katsuo-bushi.

MISO SHIRU... soup with wakamé and tōfu

SAN SHOKU DOMBURI... Big Bowl topped with gingery ground meat, dashi-enhanced scrambled eggs, and sliced okra (prepped by the method above).


OHITASHI (includes basic prepping method + simple stock-making)

SAN SHOKU DOMBURI (includes meat recipe + omelet recipe)