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Honored, simmered miscellany...

The initial letter o of ozōni is an honorific used to demonstrate respect for the word that follows. The of ozōni means “miscellany” and aptly describes the diversity of ingredients in this dish. The ni of ozōni means “simmered.” Put them together and you have an honored, simmered miscellany. Indeed, ozōni is a chowder deserving of the highest honors!

3 Essential Components in all versions of  ozōni
  • omochi (rice taffy)... sometimes grilled, sometimes boiled
  • broth... sometimes clear, sometimes miso-thickened
  • regional delicacies...sourced from local fields and waterways

Tokyo Style


  • GRILLED omochi (rice taffy
  • CLEAR chicken broth
  • KOMATSUNA leafy green similar to spinach that originated in the Tokyo area

Kansai (Kyoto & Osaka) Style


  • BOILED omochi (rice taffy)
  • Standard Sea Stock (kombu & katsuo-bushi) broth
  • KYO NINJIN red carrot native to Kyoto