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Manganji Peppers


managanji tōgarashi

Manganji Tōgarashi, are mild, tender capsicums with an earthy-rich aroma.The peppers appear in Japanese markets as summer wanes and everyone eagerly anticipates aki no mikaku (autumnal delicacies) at table.
Named after the area near Maizuru City (Kyoto) where the varietal was developed, Manganji tōgarashi are a relative newcomer in the world of chili pepperdom. About 90 years ago, Japanese growers created this hybrid from their native Fushimi tōgarashi (a slender, slightly incendiary capsicum), marrying it to the bulbous and sweet, California Wonder bell pepper.

Amenable to a variety of cooking methods, one classic way to prepare manganji tōgarashi is to skillet-roast them. The roasted peppers can be finished with a shower of smoky katsuo-bushi flakes... or grated ginger.