Kitchen Culture
tasty tidbits from the Taisho & Showa Era (20th Century) Japanese Kitchen





hai irazu
Most home kitchens in the Taisho and Showa eras had little, if any, artificial refrigeration. In the cold weather it was never a problem to find spots of NATURAL refrigeration (shizen reizōko) in the kitchen area.
Pantry cupboards, roof-ledge protected window sills, and hallways provided ample space to store perishable foods. But in warmer weather food was typically cooked as close to mealtime as possible to limit the possibility of flies gathering around.

The (clever) netted cabinet and "cap" you see pictured above was until 30 or 40 years ago, standard home kitchen equipment.
You can still find haéchō at flea markets and antique shops; most people use them to display dishware.

And every once in a while you come across hai irazu nets.

Natsukashi nostaligia!